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By Matt Smith

One of the very first technical approach shoes I ever wore was the old 5.10 Guide Almighty. It was a spectacular shoe, and perhaps my first love. When it was phased out I guess I went through a withdrawl of sorts trying everything to keep my old pair going, but they finally succombed to the abuse. Imagine my joy when I laid eyes on a vast improvement in the Guide Tennie Canvas.

Five Ten
Guide Tennie Canvas

The Guide Tennie features a C4 Stealth rubber sole that pretty much brings out the arachnid superhero in you, especially in the desert sandstone of the Colorado Plateau where I love to play. The tight lacing pattern ensures a perfect fit for all but the most troll like foot. I found that after I got the lacing adjusted I could almost slip them on and off without untying them. . .and still have a great fit. This is particularly odd because in general I like a tightly laced fit.

Five Ten
Guide Tennie Canvas Lacing

The Guide Tennie was as comfortable as my favorite pair of worn in sneakers right out of the box. I did notice that compared to other approach shoes I've worn, the Guide Tennie Canvas provides a more intimate feel of the ground a terrain. Initially I thought this would end up making my feet sore, especially after pounding over miles of sandstone and river rocks with a technical pack; but I was surprised to find they provided good support and lasting comfort even on long slogs. I found that a light duty quality third party insole provided better arch support for me than the factory insole.

After putting a lot of trail miles on the shoes to gauge their performance, I decided to ambush them with a weekend trip to the North Wash, near Hanksville, Utah. This area is infamous for the amount of pain and damage it can inflict on you and your gear in a very short amount of time. The terrain consists of slot canyons ranging from mild V shapes, to vertical walls so tight that a shoe box would gasp. It was over that weekend I discovered that there is actually such thing as too much grip. On a few occassions the C4 Stealth rubber sole became so firmly wedged into small cracks I had to get help to pull my foot out. After subjecting the shoes to this abuse, my only real observation/complaint is that the canvas is noticably less durable than synthetic leather to the abrasion, and the fashionable quilted stitching pattern was didn't fare as well a smoother materials.

5.10 Guide Tennie Canvas

Summary: All in all, the Guide Tennie Canvas was one of the most comfortable and functional approach shoes I've tested. The grip lives up to the 5.10 reputation, and for all but the most abusive environments I would highly recommend it. You can find the Guide Tennie Canvas for about $115 online.

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Matt Smith is the canyoneering specialist at GearReview.com, and almost always carries to much.

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