Ride Fuel Snowboard
By Grant Gold

Why is riding a motorcycle so exhilarating? Maybe it has something to do with that feeling of riding a thin line at high speeds. Too far to either side of that line and you are a goner. But when you are locked into that turn you feel rooted in something fast and chaotic. Pure.

The road isn't the only place to feel that. There is a speed machine for the snow as well. Now, I'm not recommending that you try to take your bike out to the slopes to get some tight turns in. I know for a fact that it won't handle well in the powder. No worries, you have another option. All you need is Fuel. Ride Snowboard's Fuel that is.

The Fuel comes in various lengths ranging from 143 - 165 cm and the board is designed for smaller riders who are looking for more length and stability. And stability my friends, it has in spades. The board locks into turns so tight I had to ask my friends to help get me out. Even in heel-side carves the board holds its edge with an unrivaled stability.

The hybrid glass laminates create a stiff flex pattern, which help all willing participants stomp their landings. That means good pop off your kickers and cats. Coupled with a 4000-grade base, the Fuel responds to speed quite favorably. Or should I say that speed responds quite favorably to the Fuel. Either way, it's fast!

With a narrow waist and quadratic sidecut, the board becomes a carving machine, a very responsive carving machine. The 3D core add to its lightweight performance and makes the board a must have for us average-sized footed people.

Those who say that making a board is not rocket science are definitely NOT the ones working on this board. The Fuel is technology. It is an excellent free ride board that gives the rider the ability to enjoy many different aspects mountain riding. Yes, it's time to ride that fast thin line to freedom. So, you should sell your motorcycle and get one of these. Besides, those things are dangerous.

Grant Gold is a new contributor to GearReview.com and specializes in snownboarding.

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