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Adidas Tokyo Jacket - Men's

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Adidas Tokyo Jacket - Men's
Adidas Tokyo Jacket - Men's description:
Running through the cool morning air can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can feel incredibly refreshing, and on the other, it can somewhat impede your form. However, with a little assistance from the Adidas Men's Tokyo Jacket, you can stave off those hunched-up shoulders and ill-fated form that often follows. More specifically, the Tokyo Jacket features a water-resistant fabric that fends off light moisture, without asking you to sacrifice comfort in favor of protection. The mesh inserts provide ample ventilation when you warm up as the sun rises up and over the horizon line, while the zippered pocket not only doubles as a stuff sack when the conditions no longer call for the Tokyo. This combination of design features makes the Tokyo an ideal companion for runners going during early morning or late evening training runs.

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