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Atlas Treeline Snowshoe

item #ATL000S
Price: $239.95 Buy Atlas Treeline Snowshoe
Atlas Treeline Snowshoe
Atlas Treeline Snowshoe description:
Some days, covering ground is paramount, but other days you just want to cruise around and enjoy the fresh snow. Atlas designed the Treeline Snowshoe to do both, with flexible, light, and floaty Nytex decking and a supremely comfortable Wrapp Lux binding for all-day comfort and control. The binding tightens securely around your boot with a single pull, while the All-Trac toe crampons and heel lift bar help you make short work of steep, icy, and uneven terrain. Atlas also built in advanced aft traction cleats to eliminate slipping, and designed both the frame and binding with its Light-Ride suspension, which allows for natural foot articulation and comfortable cushioning on rough terrain.

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