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Atlas Sprout Snowshoe - Boys'

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Atlas Sprout Snowshoe - Boys'
Atlas Sprout Snowshoe - Boys' description:
Introduce your budding explorer to the wintry wonderland of snowy forests and hiking trails with the Tubbs Boys' Sprout Snowshoe. This fun-loving snowshoe is decked out in fun colors and lightweight materials, making snowshoeing fun and easy for first time users. Snowflake traction along the bottom leaves a fun pattern in the snow, so he can retrace his steps on the way back to the car. The Sprout Snowshoe is ideal for kids ranging from four-to-eight years old, thanks to its fully adjustable Grom binding that comfortably secures without pressure points. Dual adjustments along the binding's instep and heel accommodate rapidly growing kids while securing comfortably without pressure points. The rotating toe cord offers an efficient stride across snowy landscapes, helping to dig the steel crampon into hardpack snow and icy trails with sure-footed traction.

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