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Bjorn Daehlie Excursion Jacket - Men's

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Bjorn Daehlie Excursion Jacket - Men's
Bjorn Daehlie Excursion Jacket - Men's description:
You've been dreaming about the kind of crisp, clear winter day you've just woken up to for weeks now, so don't sit around looking out the windows. Grab your skis and a thermos of coffee and head for the snow. When you arrive, zip the Bjorn Daehlie Men's Excursion Jacket on over your merino baselayer before you head into snow-capped pine forests and bright, open meadows to make sure you stay warm without overheating. Even if you aren't clocking speeds akin to Daehlie himself, the Excursion's versatile softshell construction lends you the mobility and breathability you need to train hard, whether for your own fitness or for an upcoming 5k. Ample ventilation and a water-repellent exterior adapt the jacket to a range of winter conditions, and it comes with a regular cut to accommodate a variety of layering systems.

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