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Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit

item #BLB002M
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Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit
Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit description:
Setting up your basement or living room to double as a training studio in the winter months can be as difficult as you want to make it. If a simple, solid setup is what you're after, we'd recommend a TV, some spring classics DVDs, and the Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit. In addition to the Mag 5 trainer itself, the kit comes with its own mat and block for your front wheel, so you'll get everything you need at once. We know a trainer isn't the most exciting way to log miles, but if having early-season fitness when the snow melts is what you're after, the Mag 5 makes a worthwhile investment. Once you receive the Mag 5, it's pretty much ready for riding. The design requires no tools for assembly, and it won't take up an obnoxious amount of space wherever you choose to set it up. While the Mag 5 wouldn't be the easiest trainer to transport to a race, it doesn't require an external power source to run, so you could bring it along for pre-race warm ups if you don't mind sacrificing some space. When you're building winter base miles, you'll have the option to choose from nine different resistance settings, and the system comes with its own quick-release skewer to avoid damaging yours. As long as you're using a bike with wheels ranging from 26in to 29in and a tire no larger than 2. 3in wide, the Mag 5 will get along with any frame.

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