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Burley Minnow Bike Trailer

item #BLY000U
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Burley Minnow Bike Trailer
Burley Minnow Bike Trailer description:
Built for casual bike rides or commutes alike, the Burley Minnow Bike Trailer provides convenient carrying for your tyke. The Minnow features a one-child capacity that's complemented by a variety of storage options, so you're able to keep Junior preoccupied as the two of you meander through the town or city. Additionally, the full aluminum roll cage is both durable and lightweight to keep your child safe while en route, and the five-point harness system provides a comfortable and secure seated experience. And once the two of you are done cycling around for the day, the Minnow neatly folds up to a flat design, so you're able to stash it in the garage easily, rather than have it intrude on the general storage space.

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