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Barebones Rambler 17.5L Cooler

item #BRB000I
Price: $79.95 Buy Barebones Rambler 17.5L Cooler
Barebones Rambler 17.5L Cooler
Barebones Rambler 17.5L Cooler description:
Have you ever arrived at a gorgeous vista at the top of a trek and thought, "this would be a great place for a picnic", only to realize it was way too tough of a hike to haul a cooler up' Well, start grabbing sandwich supplies, because you can now bring plenty of provisions on your next hike with the Barebones Rambler 17. 5L Cooler. This backpack-style cooler offers spacious, insulated storage in a portable package that keeps food and drink cold, whether you're planning a picnic in a mountain meadow or packing beers out to a remote river.

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