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Burton Modified Fish Snowboard

item #BUR01OH
Price: $499.95
Sale Price: $299.97
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Burton Modified Fish Snowboard
Burton Modified Fish Snowboard description:
Burton's original surf-inspired shape, the Fish, has been the stuff of legends for years among riders who crave snappy slashes, fluid maneuverability, and effortless float. The Modified Fish Snowboard is a slightly tweaked take on the Fish, with a more versatile, rounded shape that helps you have a blast on everything from marked trails to hidden lines deep in the woods. The key to the Modified Fish's surfy feel is a huge, rockered nose, tapered tail, and generous 5cm set-back stance. When combined with the stable, mostly flat profile, this shape creates a ride that stays afloat in bottomless powder with ease and turns on a dime. And with Infinite Ride construction, Burton over builds the board then pre-breaks it in for you, so the board feels the same from day 1 to 100. The Superfly II core uses lightweight woods that specifically target strategic areas to drop weight and increase pop, and the wood is FSC-certified so you know you're not destroying the rainforest for a snowboard. Dualzone EGD adds edge control by placing perpendicular strips of wood along the edges, and Squeezebox profiling creates thicker and thinner sections in the core to improve energy transfer and stability.

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