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Capo Nova Bib Short - Men's

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Capo Nova Bib Short - Men's
Capo Nova Bib Short - Men's description:
Every year in late March, when the temperature is beginning to rise and early mornings have that crisp, coolly humid brightness to them as winter's frost is burned off, we find ourselves longing for the road with a Dantean passion: "I felt awoken in my heart / a loving spirit that was sleeping." Given Capo's love of all things cycling and all things Italy, we think it's safe to assume that the Nova Men's Bib Shorts are an homage both to the annual cycling renaissance of early spring and the Italian poet's Vita Nuova. The Nova isn't Capo's top model--that would be the appropriately named Padrone. Compared to the Padrone, the Nova's Lycra construction is still high-gauge, but it sits slightly heavier, so it still offers gentle compression but isn't as barely there. Since it occupies Capo's medial position, the Nova is also situated perfectly in-line with the not-quite-perfect form that we often carry into early spring. We blame that form on the trainer. Or rather, we blame it on our past selves for so loathing the trainer that we skipped sessions. Whatever the case, it lives up to its name by providing cooling comfort and confident support to nurture the nascent buds of our spring cycling ambitions.

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