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Thule Chariot Chariot Cross Stroller

item #CTC001U
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Thule Chariot Chariot Cross Stroller
Thule Chariot Chariot Cross Stroller description:
You aren't one to sit still for long, even with a little one in tow, so pull out the Chariot Cross Stroller by Thule Chariot and get out for a morning ride or plan to spend the afternoon at the zoo. As versatile as your interests, this multi-purpose trailer offers comfort and flexibility for families with an active lifestyle. The Chariot features a roomy main compartment that gives your kiddo space to play with his toys or look at his books when you're moving. A padded 5-point seat belt system keeps him safe through turns and over bumps, while the adjustable suspension system lets him enjoy a smooth ride on your morning cycle. When you get cleaned up for the day, switch the bike attachment out for the stroller kit for your trip to the zoo. The foot-activated parking break ensures you won't have a run-away stroller situation on your hands when you stop at each exhibit so your little man can watch all the animals. Conversion kits (sold separately) let you configure the Chariot to your latest activity, whether that be jogging through the neighborhood or cross country skiing through wintry landscapes.

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