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DAKINE Limited Boot Pack DLX 55L

item #DAK013T
Price: $74.95 Buy DAKINE Limited Boot Pack DLX 55L
DAKINE Limited Boot Pack DLX 55L
DAKINE Limited Boot Pack DLX 55L description:
Whether you're heading to Niseko, Vail, Chamonix, or your local ski hill, the Dakine Limited Boot Pack DLX 55L can help you get all of your gear there with minimal headache and excellent organization. The specially designed boot compartment is lined with a funk-resistant tarp material so the mud and moisture will stay confined and not sully your other gear. A helmet pocket holds you dome bucket and whatever else you can squeeze in (googles), and external compression straps enable you to cinch the whole kit down and make it a bit more manageable for tight shuttle rides and unexpected hitch hikes. Plus, the DLX includes a vertical snowboard carry and A-frame ski transport function, so you can keep your hands free to thumb a ride, purchase a lift ticket, or dial in your ski locker combination.

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