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Lange RX 100 Ski Boot

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Lange RX 100 Ski Boot
Lange RX 100 Ski Boot description:
Lange's reputation is that of a take-no-prisoners designer dedicated to hardcore performance above all else, but that's a little outdated. It still makes some of the burliest boots out there, but it also has a more populist side, best understood by sticking your paw into the friendly RX 100 Men's Ski Boot. Lange sacrificed some of its famed hard-chargingness in favor of comfort, and the RX 100's 100mm last and 100 flex rating are wayyy more forgiving than Lange's classic low-volume fit and bodybuilder flex. The polyurethane shell is mono-injected, which gives it a smooth, uniform flex and allows for super-easy bootfitting so you don't have to tolerate hot spots, pinching, or too-tight shells. In keeping with the RX 100's comfort-first theme, the Thermofit RL1 liner is heat moldable, so it will conform perfectly to the contours of your foot for a snug, comfortable, and precise fit. Even the buckles are highly customizable. Each has six teeth, three-position adjustment, and rotating micro-adjustment, so you can find exactly the pressure and shell compression that's right for you. Canting adjustment lets you fine-tune the side-to-side cuff angle to let you center your stance, and the 35mm power strap cinches things down so you can ski hard without flexing through the front of the boot. Lange topped (or bottomed) the RX 100 off with replaceable Ultra-Grip toe and heel lugs, which make short work of slick parking lots, resort stairs, and back-bowl hikes.

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