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ENVE Direct Mount Stem

item #ENV000B
Price: $325.00 Buy ENVE Direct Mount Stem
ENVE Direct Mount Stem
ENVE Direct Mount Stem description:
An industry first, the Enve Direct Mount Stem brings carbon to the world of triple clamp forks. Enve makes some of the strongest stems on the market, and this ultra-light, sub-120g design loses nothing in strength to alloy alternatives. The carbon layup produces a stem that's significantly stiffer than anything else available, which translates to precise handling. Steering inputs and trail feedback are directly transferred rather than lost to flex, and when combined with Enve's DH handlebars, this feeling is amplified as they were designed to seamlessly work together. For added durability, the threaded inserts are bridged, connecting the left and right holes to prevent pull-out. The Enve Direct Mount Stem is made in the USA and comes in two lengths; 60 and 50mm. The 60mm length has a rise of 15mm and the 50 has a rise of 20mm.

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