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Kelty Sanitas 34L Backpack - Kids'

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Price: $119.95 Buy Kelty Sanitas 34L Backpack - Kids'
Kelty Sanitas 34L Backpack - Kids'
Kelty Sanitas 34L Backpack - Kids' description:
There are certain rites of passage that are hard forget, like your first "real" backpacking bag, which was usually one of Mom or Dad's old daypacks stuffed with random snacks, a poncho, bug spray, and sunscreen. Now you can give your tadpole the gift of a real pack with the Kelty Kids' Sanitas Backpack. Crafted with a rugged polyester fabric, the Sanitas tackles hills both big and small with its lightweight HDPE frame that's akin to the same one you were given so many years ago while the adjustable suspension, waistbelt, and sternum strap helps keep things on lockdown rather than sloshing around and creating hot spots. In addition to its supportive technology, the Sanitas is equipped with a vast multiplicity of pockets ranging from its generous main compartment to an ice axe or trekking pole carry.

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