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Kuat Hitch Adapter

item #KUA0017
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Kuat Hitch Adapter
Kuat Hitch Adapter description:
You're happily connecting your new bike rack to your ride when, to your horror, you realize that your bike rack is designed for a 1. 25-inch hitch, and your trusty vehicle has a 2-inch receiver. Unless you're prepared to do some kind of welding wizardry to make the rack a permanent fixture, use the Kuat Hitch Adapter to marry your rack to your ride with minimal effort and heavy-duty toughness. Slide-in sleeve transforms your 2-inch hitch receiver into a 1. 25-inch setupCompatible with Kuat anti-rattle device for a quiet rideWorks with Kuat Alpha, Beta, and Sherpa racksNot compatible with Kuat NV bike rack

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