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Louis Garneau Commit RTR Pant - Men's

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Louis Garneau Commit RTR Pant - Men's
Louis Garneau Commit RTR Pant - Men's description:
'Cross fever has you committed to riding through whatever weather Mother Nature throws your way this fall. To make your efforts worth it, we'd recommend investing in kit that will keep you warm(ish) and dry as you brave rain, fog, wind, and cold for the sake of your sport. Louis Garneau's Commit RTR Pant was created to keep you dry on the days the skies open up on the roads, with a waterproof Extenz shell to block rain and wind, and panels of Oxley fabric reinforcing wear- and abrasion-prone areas of the pant, along with completely sealed seams. Garneau gave the Commit RTR a relaxed silhouette, easily layered over a pair of thermal tights on colder days, or your go-to bibs on warmer ones. Ankle zippers simplify dressing and undressing, and lightweight loops on the bottom of the pant keep it securely in-place underneath your shoes.

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