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Marmot Contrail Jacket - Men's

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Marmot Contrail Jacket - Men's
Marmot Contrail Jacket - Men's description:
If you can't be pigging out on free refills on a storm day, arcing turns and working on your goggle tan under clear skies is just about the next best thing you can hope for. Marmot took inspiration from bluebird days and lines in the sky when creating its Men's Contrail Jacket, but don't be fooled into thinking that's all the Contrail can handle; it'll serve you just as loyally when the clouds roll in and the white stuff starts coming down. Whether you're skiing through a snowglobe or dealing with incessant drips on the lift, the Contrail's Gore-Tex construction will shield you from water in liquid or solid forms. Marmot's Thermal R insulation takes your body heat and holds it next to your core to keep you warm and dry. Still highly breathable, the insulation will make sure moisture moves away from your body as you sweat so the lift ride to the summit after a top-to-bottom run doesn't leave you shivering in a damp jacket. Stash your PB&J, phone, and a candy bar or two in the plethora of internal and external pockets throughout the jacket, and ski until your legs won't let you go any longer.

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