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Montrail Trans Alps II Running Shoe - Men's

item #MON002A
Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $71.47
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Montrail Trans Alps II Running Shoe - Men's
Montrail Trans Alps II Running Shoe - Men's description:
Attack your next trail run with a mix of cushion, support, and traction, and be amazed at just how much of a difference the combination makes over the miles. Built to feel like a cushioned road shoe but behave like a grippy, dirt-devouring set of tires, the Montrail Trans Alps II Running Shoe was made to take on the terrain it shares a name with. This shoe will excel on rocky, loose singletrack, towering ascents, and steep, technical descents, keeping your feet protected without making you feel weighed down. To do this, Montrail uses seamless uppers with no-sew overlays for an open, accommodating fit. As you squish your foot -- with its unique topography of lumps and bumps -- into this straight-lasted shoe, it won't trap you under heavy overlays or confining stitching that can cause blisters. A cushy FluidFoam and FluidGuide midsole steps in to handle impact absorption and support when the course dips downhill for the last unforgiving descent back to the finish line, while the rugged outsole guards against sharp rocks and unforgiving trail furniture.

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