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Montrail FluidFlex F.K.T Running Shoe - Men's

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Price: $109.95
Sale Price: $76.96
Buy Montrail FluidFlex F.K.T Running Shoe - Men's
Montrail FluidFlex F.K.T Running Shoe - Men's
Montrail FluidFlex F.K.T Running Shoe - Men's description:
There's nothing quite like the elation that comes at the end of a race when you realize you've just run your fastest splits ever, with a timing chip to prove it. That mix of surprise and joy -- with a dash of nausea and shakiness thrown in -- is an elusive feeling, and one that only happens after a whole lot of mundane and thankless miles. But it's a whole lot of fun when it all works out. Log those regular workouts and diligent training runs ahead of your next trail race in the Montrail FluidFlex F. K. T Running Shoe and remember what you're sweating for. This minimal shoe won't try to coddle you too much as you dance through rock gardens and push the pace on the rare occasions the trail flattens out. It has just enough cushioning with deep flex grooves to keep it feeling flexible and nimble on your feet. Montrail pairs the F. K. T's seamless uppers with thermoplastic midfoot cages for a stabilizing fit without bulk, and adds rugged outsoles that will hang on and keep you upright when you're barreling downhill at sunset, towards dinner and a cold beer on the deck.

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