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New Balance 99v1 Flexonic Shoe - Men's

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Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $59.96
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New Balance 99v1 Flexonic Shoe - Men's
New Balance 99v1 Flexonic Shoe - Men's description:
When you set out to run the stadium, you feel equal parts dread and anticipation--dread because it pushes your body to the brink and anticipation because of the exhilaration and sense of exhausted accomplishment it brings. So, lace up the New Balance Men's 99v1 Flexonic Shoes and set out to push yourself farther than ever before. Engineered to deliver lightweight support and comfort, this shoe features a ventilating mesh upper to keep your feet cool as you run up and down each section of stairs. Specially constructed with a cushioning midsole and regularly spaced grooves in the outsole, this shoe delivers enhanced flexibility and traction so you can push through your perceived limits.

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