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NRS Osprey Stand-Up Paddleboard

item #NRS008Z
Price: $999.99 Buy NRS Osprey Stand-Up Paddleboard
NRS Osprey Stand-Up Paddleboard
NRS Osprey Stand-Up Paddleboard description:
Touting a highly stable platform, the NRS Osprey Stand-Up Paddleboard offers anglers a firm and rigid feel underfoot to ensure that they're able to focus on the fish rather than a tippy board. To achieve such a design, the Osprey is equipped with NRS' proprietary Axis Technology, which consists of an acrylic stiffening agent to maintain structure--without tacking on weight or making it difficult to roll the Osprey up. Meanwhile the removable and interchangeable fins allow you to customize your set up, and the three accessory mounts, as well as the rear and front rigging assures that you're able to bring along a cooler and other necessities.

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