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Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

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Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero
Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero description:
The Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero is a burly full-coverage hat designed for extremely wet climates. In Seattle, there are two types of weather. It's either raining, or it's about to start raining. The Seattle Sombrero's waterproof breathable Taslan Gore-Tex to keep the downpour from soaking your head. Its soft brushed-tricot lining wicks moisture, and the chin strap is removable. The foam-stiffened brim on this Outdoor Research hat offers full protection from rain or sun, directing water away from your head when it's really coming down. And if things get really wet--like, you fall into the river you're raftingthe sombrero's foam brim floats. Maybe better than your boat.

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