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O'Neill Epic 3/2 Wetsuit - Women's

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Price: $164.95 Buy O'Neill Epic 3/2 Wetsuit - Women's
O'Neill Epic 3/2 Wetsuit - Women's
O'Neill Epic 3/2 Wetsuit - Women's description:
The water might be warm, the bay crystal clear, and the sun shining, but it can still get chilly spending six straight hours in the water, so O'Neill designed the Epic 3/2 Women's Full Wetsuit to get you through those long summer days without having to take a warm-up break. It costs less than your pup's new designer haircut (although the dog-mullet was a good choice), but sports many of the same features as O'Neill's top-of-the-line suits--a warm and stretchy FluiFlex Firewall chest panel, an LSD seamless lumbar area, a Double Super-Seal neck closure, and a glued-in back zip--that are designed to keep you riding sick swells in mild water without turning into a numb-fingered mess. All the seams are glued and blindstitched for durability and waterproofing and have been strategically placed for easy paddling, while the Krypto knee pads are tough and flexible for ergonomic performance when you're playing a game of "sickest layback snap" with your crew. There's an external key pocket with a keychain loop, too, so that even if you hypothetically were to wipeout--not that it'd ever happen--you won't find yourself up keyless creek.

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