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Pendleton Lounge Robe

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Price: $258.95
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Pendleton Lounge Robe
Pendleton Lounge Robe description:
If you're going to wrap yourself up in the Pendleton Lounge Robe, know that it just might encourage you to pick up your grandfather's smoking pipe on your way to your wood-paneled den. As you settle back in your diamond-tufted leather wingback, newspaper in hand, you'll inevitably find your eyes wandering first to the empty fireplace and then to the full decanter in the cabinet across the room. You know what to do. After all, you've spent enough time on this planet to understand what a little well-earned luxury means, and so does Pendleton. Made with the softest, smoothest wool in Pendleton's quiver, the Lounge is thoroughly focused on comfort. For the times you accidentally spill a bit of Scotch, worry not: the robe is conveniently machine washable. The self belt keeps all your bits and pieces sealed in, and the large pockets give you room to stash your relaxation essentials.

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