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Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp

item #PRT001D
Price: $104.95
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Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp
Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp description:
The Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp excels at early-morning ski tours, frigid alpine ascents, and cold-weather camping thanks to a remote battery that wears close-to-body for preserved battery life. The battery life indicator gives an easy readout of remaining battery life via colored LEDs, so you're never stranded in the wilderness late at night. On its lowest Ultrabright setting, the Apex Extreme runs for 200 hours during frigid conditions where conserving power is essential. 275 lumens cast an impressive beam with its Maxbright LED and 4 Ultrabright LEDs, helping you navigate pitch-dark stretches of trail, avoid dangerous terrain, and pitch camp after sunset. The highly concentrated beam cast by the Maxbright LED travels up to 120 meters away when you're trekking late at night or avoiding terrain traps on your ski tour. Also, there's an emergency flashing mode that lasts an impressive 300 hours during rescue scenarios.

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