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Ride Crook Snowboard

item #RDE00AA
Price: $409.95
Sale Price: $245.97
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Ride Crook Snowboard
Ride Crook Snowboard description:
Deceptively easy to ride, the Ride Crook Snowboard incites park lurkers to swear under their breath as you effortlessly press through kinks, smoothly back lip handrails, and stomp slow-rotating spins. It's refreshingly simple design forgoes fancy carbon laminates and unnecessary stiffness in favor of durable construction and effortless freestyle flex. It's beefed up against excessive thrashing, backed by Ride's impact-absorbing Slimewalls, durable Foundation wood core, and easy-to-repair Fusion 1500 base. This twin-shaped deck provides a skate-like sensation on snow, allowing you to destroy urban handrails, dismantle park jibs, and boost ollies over slow signs. The board's mellow flex is soft enough for dedicated park riding, yet it's still stable enough for party laps with your friends and cruising across the mountain. Ride's Twin Rocker profile is predominately flat for a stable, locked-in feel when you're approaching freestyle hits and handrails. The tip and tail feature subtle rocker for forgiving landings, easier presses, and catch-free turns across the mountain.

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