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Ride Wild Life Snowboard

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Ride Wild Life Snowboard
Ride Wild Life Snowboard description:
It's all too common for snowboard companies to claim their boards are "quiver killers" or "one-board solutions" for riding everything on the mountain. However, few boards actually fulfill these lofty claims of all-terrain dominance, usually excelling in certain areas while falling flat in many disciplines of riding. We're not going to tell you the Ride Wild Life Snowboard is going to replace a quiver of park, powder, and freeride-specific decks, but we will tell you it's probably the next best thing, excelling everywhere from alpine zones with deep powder to thirty-foot jumps in the park. The directional shape is set-back to promote stability at higher speeds and enhance buoyancy in the deep, untracked powder we all crave. However, this directional shape isn't so extreme as to throw you off balance when you're perfecting tricks across the mountain or dipping into the terrain park for fun. Directional Hybrid Camber is predominately camber along the board's effective edge for locking into carves and springing through turns with the energetic response you've come to associate with a traditional camber board. It's also extremely stable at higher speeds, preventing unwanted chatter or unnerving squirreliness. Because it's a directional board, the Wild Life benefits from a large, rockered nose that reduces catchiness through turns and enhances the board's float in the deep stuff.

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