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RIO InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line

item #RIO000J
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RIO InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line
RIO InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line description:
The ability to cast to trout from a distance, effortlessly mend the line for the perfect drift, and detect the most subtle strikes is crucial to a productive day on the river. The RIO InTouch Grand Fly Line provides anglers with all the tools to do these things through a weight-forward taper as well as a low-stretch design. Designed to be used specifically with modern, fast action rods, the mid-length head easily loads the rod for an intuitive casting feel.By reducing the overall stretch in the line, ConnectCore technology not only makes detecting strikes easier, but makes the line easier to cast and mend. SureFire color coding makes it easy to see how much line you have out, and the MaxFloat tip keeps your line and fly on the surface. The line's MaxCast hydrophobic chemistry not only increases the longevity of the line, but makes it easier to cast. A front loop allows you to attach leader quickly, so you spend more time fishing and less time tying knots.

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