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Sage Evoke Series Fly Reel

item #SAG000O
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Sage Evoke Series Fly Reel
Sage Evoke Series Fly Reel description:
Sage's Evoke Series Fly Reel features a unique modified full frame design that allows you to palm or finger the reel just enough to tip the balance in your favor during your next big fish brawl. Made of cold forged, tempered, and hard anodized aluminum, this bomb-proof reel is built to last a lifetime. The reel is equipped with Sage's proven SCS (sealed carbon system) drag, which provides a liquid-like feel when playing pissed-off fish. Adjustments to the tension of the drag can be made quickly with the One Revolution drag knob. The knob provides audible clicks and is numbered from one to thirty-seven, so you know exactly how much tension you're applying to your tippet. An innovative quick-change spool system makes switching out spools on the river quick and easy, so you'll always have the right line backing your presentation. The reel comes with a neoprene case, and is right or left hand specific.

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