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Salomon Snowboards Premiere Splitboard

item #SAL00QJ
Price: $999.99 Buy Salomon Snowboards Premiere Splitboard
Salomon Snowboards Premiere Splitboard
Salomon Snowboards Premiere Splitboard description:
Leaving conventional thinking far behind, the Salomon Premiere Splitboard employs a radical approach to accessing backcountry terrain that allows easier ascents without compromising downhill performance. Featuring Tracklock, this splitboard has a four-part construction that consists of two pieces that fit into your backpack and allow for the lightest and most efficient touring possible, ensuring you enjoy your trek off the map and away from the resorts almost as much as the ride down. The directional shape paired with a medium-stiff flex helps you surf through the deep stuff with greater ease, while the Cross Profile camber between the feet offers better control, pop, and more stable landings, as the rocker on the tip and tail provides effortless floatation when riding both forward and switch. Included are custom cut skins with smartly placed hooks to allow for no-fuss conversions at the top, so you don't have to deal with skier friends whining about "slow-boarders". And this season, Salomon added custom crampons specifically designed to fit the Premiere's narrow skis, allowing you to skin up steeper, sketchier terrain with greater confidence and control.

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