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Surftech Channel Islands Waterhog Surfboard

item #SFC005S
Price: $849.95 Buy Surftech Channel Islands Waterhog Surfboard
Surftech Channel Islands Waterhog Surfboard
Surftech Channel Islands Waterhog Surfboard description:
While your friends are eating it left and right while trying overly-technical maneuvers, you're catching twice the waves and doubling your fun on the Surftech Channel Islands Waterhog Surfboard. A good wave catcher, this mini-longboard bridges the gap between a performance hybrid and a longboard. It has low-entry rocker for trimming, yet enough tail rocker to stay high-performance. The bottom goes from flat entry with concave, to V out towards the tail. Built for surfers of all skill levels who want to ride a ton of waves without riding a longboard, the Waterhog is your ticket to maximizing your wave count. Featuring carbon composite construction that's combined with Surftech's fused-cell EPS core, the TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that's custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is laminated over a layer of high-density foam, which ultimately strengthens the board while simultaneously creating a lively flex pattern that can only be found in TLPC-based surfboards.

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