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Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set

item #SHI0342
Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $11.95
Buy Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set
Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set
Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set description:
Clip in and get going with the Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set. Designed to pair with Shimano SPD pedals, these cleats are multi-release so you can clip out by twisting your foot to either the inside or outside of the pedal. With the option to lift and twist your heel to unclip, these cleats are a great choice for anyone just getting into the clipless pedal game and anyone just looking for quick, easy clip out functionality. Keep in mind that these cleats are not compatible with SPD-style pedals that are not Shimano branded.

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