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SKS X-Tra-Dry Rear Fender

item #SKS0035
Price: $14.99 Buy SKS X-Tra-Dry Rear Fender
SKS X-Tra-Dry Rear Fender
SKS X-Tra-Dry Rear Fender description:
The SKS X-Tra-Dry QR Fender is an update of the classic backscratcher fender. The backscratcher is so named for the shape. It's long and straight, with a curve at one end. Off the bike, it could do double-duty as a back scratcher. On the bike, it has a quick release strap that grabs onto the seat post or seat tube, a pivot behind the quick release to adjust the angle of the fender, and a long, narrow fender surface that keeps the chamois from getting too soggy and rooster tails from soaking the back. Can be used both on road and off. The color is Black. Weight is 140g.

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