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Simms VaporTread Boot - Women's

item #SMM003W
Price: $179.95 Buy Simms VaporTread Boot - Women's
Simms VaporTread Boot - Women's
Simms VaporTread Boot - Women's description:
Why fish in some heavy, gargantuan clodhopper of a wading boot when you can be comfortable in the Simms Women's Vapor Boot instead' In the Vapor, Simms proves that durable doesn't have to mean heavy. A women-specific fit and hiker-inspired design lets you get to the fish in speedy comfort, while the minimalist construction allows you to feel the river bottom for secure footing. Simms built this puppy on its lightweight VaporTread platform, which means the boot is just as good for that mile-long trek to the river as it is for wading in the river. The Vapor sports a synthetic leather, textile, and scratch rubber upper that puts up with abuse, and the partial neoprene interior adds warmth and cushioning.

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