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SockGuy SGX8 Black Sock

item #SOC003H
Price: $12.55 Buy SockGuy SGX8 Black Sock
SockGuy SGX8 Black Sock
SockGuy SGX8 Black Sock description:
Wrap your ankles in classic style and comfort with the SockGuy SGX8 Black Socks. Fashioned from SockGuy's Elite Performance Formula fabric, these socks feature a soft, moisture-wicking blend of polypropylene, nylon, and spandex to keep your feet dry and chafe-free. An eight-inch cuff sits just within unwritten height conventions and includes compression ribbing for a dash of support. The fitted arch provides support and eliminates uncomfortable slipping while mesh paneling across the top of the foot increases ventilation to keep your feet cool on warmer days. As an added bonus, reinforcement at the heel and toes increases durability so these socks can weather the miles.

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