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Timberland Eagle Bay Leather Boot - Men's

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Price: $159.95 Buy Timberland Eagle Bay Leather Boot - Men's
Timberland Eagle Bay Leather Boot - Men's
Timberland Eagle Bay Leather Boot - Men's description:
Do you love Timbs, but can't justify walking around in a heavy soled boot all day long' Check out the Timberland Eagle Bay Boots, with the same smooth leather uppers you'd expect from Timberland, but with lighter weight, extra grippy, and more comfortable sole construction. Ortholite insoles support your foot inside, and provide optimal moisture transport, for an ultra-breathable footbed that wicks away sweat to keep your feet cool and dry. Underneath the footbed, a triple-layer Sensorflex suspension system flexes with every step you take providing lasting comfort that adapts to uneven ground, providing you with smooth and stable support. The Eagle Bay boots come from Timberland's Earthkeepers line, which is designed with a commitment to the environment, using recycled and eco-conscious materials whenever possible. The outsoles are made from 34% recycled rubber, and feature a directional tread designed to grip and keep you moving forward with support in the front, and reverse directional tread in the back for braking power on steep hills.

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