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Vaude Brenta 25 Backpack - 1526cu in

item #VAD000B
Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $71.97
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Vaude Brenta 25 Backpack - 1526cu in
Vaude Brenta 25 Backpack - 1526cu in description:
A pack can have all the technical features imaginable, but if it's so big and bulky that you dread packing it up and taking it out on adventures, then what's the point' The Vaude Brenta 25 Backpack has all the technical functionality you desire in a sleek, sporty, and ready-for-action design. Vaude gave the Brenta its Aeroflex Easy Adjust suspension system, which allows you to quickly adjust the amount of ventilation your back receives, letting you find the optimal comfort zone regardless of whether you're hoofing it mid-summer through a Costa Rican rainforest or hunkering down to wait out the wind atop some frigid snow-capped mountain. Vaude's F. L. A. S. H. shoulder strap adjustment system does just that, providing the perfect fit, no matter your torso size. Smartly designed pockets, compression system, and attachment points allow you to keep your essentials organized and at the ready.

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