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Voile Splitboard Skins Tail-Less

item #VOL001S
Price: $149.95 Buy Voile Splitboard Skins Tail-Less
Voile Splitboard Skins Tail-Less
Voile Splitboard Skins Tail-Less description:
The Voile Splitboard Skins Tail-Less make skinning an easier affair with their bomber tip attachment, tenacious adhesive, and hydrophobic nylon material. The stainless steel tip loop is attached to an anodized aluminum plate for nearly indestructible performance, even when you botch kickturns or smack objects underneath the snow. Hydrophobic nylon lends ample grip for skinning up steep slopes while smoothly gliding across rolling terrain. Since they're hydrophobic, the skins won't soak up excess moisture, which is especially important in springtime conditions. High-quality adhesive ensures reliability in extreme conditions, even after seasons of hardcore use. The skins' 152-centimer length and 130-millimeter width fits most splitboards on the market, with an included tool for trimming them to size.

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