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Zipp 30 Road Wheel - Clincher

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Price: $460.00 Buy Zipp 30 Road Wheel - Clincher
Zipp 30 Road Wheel - Clincher
Zipp 30 Road Wheel - Clincher description:
Zipp engineers built the 30 Road Clincher Wheels for demanding cyclists looking for everyday versatility. You'll get the speed, ride quality, and durability you need for road training or cyclocross races. Redesigned from the ground up, the 30s use Zipp's experience to create a more aerodynamic clincher wheelset. With features like parallel brake tracks for greater stopping power, Zipp manufactured these clinchers differently than their 101s--increasing stability, cornering grip, and ride comfort. A new hub design rests at the heart of the wheelset. Zipp used ultra-strong and lightweight 7075 T-6 aluminum for the shell and stainless-steel bearings to keep you spinning smoothly. No pre-load adjustment is required thanks to Zipp's Precision Set design. Laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, the 30s are ready for everything you can throw at them. Lightweight and aerodynamic, these stainless steel spokes are stiff enough for racing but still have a comfortable ride for training.

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