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ZOOT Diego Running Shoe - Men's

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Price: $149.95
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ZOOT Diego Running Shoe - Men's
ZOOT Diego Running Shoe - Men's description:
The Zoot Men's Diego Running Shoe provides a highly-cushioned ride on daily training runs, courtesy of its Z-Bound+ and ZVA foam midsole. Progressive Forward Roll geometry smooths out your transitions to encourage your natural running form. It's technically a low-drop shoe, with a heel/toe differential of just 4-millimeters. This means you'll reap the benefits of fluid transitions, but without the minimalist feel of other low drop shoes, due to its stacked cushioning. One of the shoe's biggest strengths is its supportive, sock-like fit, the result of a no-sew mesh upper paired with a BareFit internal liner. The no-sew mesh upper keeps the shoe lightweight and breathable, and the BareFit liner prevents blisters with its seamless design. Looking to the shoe's sole, high-traction carbon rubber and blown rubber offer just the right combination of sure-footed grip and longevity.

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