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9-14 Weight Fly Reels

Ross Animas S Fly Reel Ross Animas S Fly Reel
After swinging flies for weeks without a single tug, it's safe to say that you and steelhead have a love-hate relationship, but you'll have nothing but love for your Ross Animas S Fly Reel after a thousand casts. Its classic look and heavier design balances well with switch and spey rods, but that's not say this reel is some click-and-pawl relic. The disc drag system is impregnated with Teflon for a smooth action and maintenance-free performance, and the quick-release spool gives you the ability to switch the reel between your switch and spey rod if owning reels for every rod in your quiver isn't in your budget.
Ross Evolution R SALT Fly Reel Ross Evolution R SALT Fly Reel
The Ross Evolution R Salt Fly Reel is ready to help you haul up a megalodon. Just kidding, you should stay away from those things, they're dangerous. However, this reel does mean business for some big fish. The supercharged, sealed drag system gives this reel a power-to-weight ratio that keeps you from going for a ride when you hook a creature who would very much like to return to the depths. As the line is pulling off your spool, count on the two spool counterbalances to provide vibration-free performance. An anodized finish resists damage from long-term exposure to salt water, so this beautiful reel stays looking sharp for many adventures to come.
TFO Atoll Fly Reel TFO Atoll Fly Reel
Big predatory fish don't usually come on the first cast, so you want a reel you can trust once you finally make a good set into a fierce redfish or massive tarpon--something like the TFO Atoll Fly Reel. It comes in four sizes to match everything from your 7wt streamer rod to your 14wt tarpon rod, and is made from precision-machined billet aluminum that has been hard anodized to boost the reel's durability. The hubless drag system consists of a stacked Delrin and stainless steel mechanism to increase the stopping power of the reel and provide better heat dissipation, too, so your drag doesn't burn up when that mean old roosterfish makes one last run on you.
TFO Atoll Fly Reel - Spool TFO Atoll Fly Reel - Spool
Sometimes you spank the fish, and sometimes the fish spanks you, so it's always a good idea to keep a spare spool handy to keep your TFO Atoll Fly Reel going, just in case that fish of a lifetime schools you and snaps your backing. Like your Atoll reel, this spare spool is made from cold-forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum and easily converts between a left- and right-handed retrieve.

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