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Nixon Mission Watch Nixon Mission Watch
Putting flimsy smartwatches to shame with its 316L stainless steel bezel and Gorilla Glass touchscreen, the Nixon Mission Watch is purposely built for surfers, snowboarders, and skiers subjecting their smartwatch to the rigors of overhead swells, waist-deep powder, and nasty spills. Not only is the Mission extremely rugged with its shock-resistant case, but more importantly for surfers and snowboarders/skiers, 10-ATM water-resistance ensures protection for duck-diving under waves and falling into snow drifts. The innovative Mic-Lock gives you the ability to pop open the microphone for voice-activated commands, then lock out it out for an impenetrable seal from ocean water, driving rain, and heavy snow. Keeping you in the know when your local break's firing or favorite mountain is getting buried with feet of powder, the Mission Watch pairs with Nixon's Mission app for real-time notifications of surf breaks and mountain resorts (app only for Android devices). It runs off Google's Android Wear 1. 5, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip providing the most advanced smartwatch performance to date. Enhancing functionality for daily use, it's compatible with popular Google apps, such as Google Fit, Google Play Music, and Google Maps. Other cool features include the ability to use it as a remote shutter for your phone, check weather conditions, and receive flight notifications. One of the watch's biggest selling points are swappable bezels and watch bands. These add-ons are available separately through Nixon, creating a truly customizable piece to your stylistic tastes and daily wardrobe. As for the watch's overall aesthetic, it's fairly aggressive with a 48-millimeter case that's super tough, yet surprisingly lightweight for its size. Other notable features include the ability to swap out digital watch faces with traditional Nixon favorites, ranging from the upscale Player Watch to the high-tech Unit face. Included with the Mission is a magnetic charging dock wi...
Sale Price: $384.00
Polar A370 HR Fitness Tracker Polar A370 HR Fitness Tracker
Providing 24/7 activity tracking, continuous heart rate measurement, and sleep monitoring from a sleek and attractive watch, the Polar A370 HR Fitness Tracker is just what you're seeking to give your daily workouts a boost, quantify your everyday routine, and increase the restorative nature of your sleep. Available in bright colorways and packing a colorful touchscreen display, the A370 HR Fitness Tracker looks as good as it performs, meaning you'll actually want to wear this watch on a daily basis. Smartphone notifications keep you informed of what's going on without requiring you to be tethered to your phone (so long as it's within a 30-foot radius of the watch). The A370 HR Fitness Tracker's biggest asset is the continuous heart rate monitoring, which comes from a wrist-based sensor. Continuous heart rate monitoring is used to give you a complete daily overview of your activity, as well as calculate an estimate of burned calories in conjunction with your 24/7 activity stats. It feeds all of this data to your smartphone's Polar's Flow app (both iPhone and Android), so you can easily view your daily activity and exercise data in greater detail. The A370 transmits wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart, and can also plug into a computer for syncing up to the Polar Flow web application for Windows and Mac computers. Besides 24/7 activity and heart rate monitoring, it also provides guided workouts with Polar's Smart Coaching, which motivates you to reach your goals in the gym. Smartphone-assisted GPS works outdoors to track your distance, pace, and route with Polar's Web app, which is handy for taking brisk hikes, running through the neighborhood, and exercising outdoors. And when it's time for a restful night's sleep, Polar's Sleep Plus automatically tracks the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep, then compares your overnight sleep to metrics you've pre-selected as a benchmark. That way, you can not only track your sleep, but actually quantify if your overnight z...
Sale Price: $158.00
Polar M460 HR Polar M460 HR
Stacked with all the features desired for taking your training and daily rides to the next level, the Polar M460 HR is a GPS-integrated head unit, paired with Polar's H10 heart rate monitor for keeping track of your physical output on the road. The M460 head unit wirelessly syncs with the Polar Flow app (for both Android and iPhone) and H10 heart rate monitor via Bluetooth Smart, also communicating with a wide variety of external sensors available on the market. Seeing it's hooked up to your smartphone, you'll get real-time smartphone notifications, so you can monitor important calls and text messages. Another cool feature is the built-in LED light along the front, which comes in handy for finishing rides after dark. Built-in GPS and barometer sensors measure speed, distance, route, altitude, and gradient with high levels of accuracy. It's compatible with Strava Live Segments, which makes it an ideal training companion with its real-time updates of your segment progress. The included H10 heart rate monitor feeds your current heart rate and maximum heart rate stats to the M460 head unit, with the ability to monitor your current heart rates against default zones, as well as define your very own heart rate zones for a customized training regimen. For even more customization, Polar's Smart Coaching feature gives you the tools needed to plan out future training rides, so you can become a faster and stronger rider with a realistic training plan.
Sale Price: $229.75
Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch
Push your limits and track your progress with the Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch. The multisport Ambit3 Sport features advanced run, cycle, and swim options, letting you analyze, evaluate, relive, and share your performance and progress on the trail, on your bike, in the water, and after your workout. A wireless connection with your iPhone or iPad, combined with the free Suunto Movescount App, allows you to adjust your watch on the go, analyze key metrics instantly, and share your adventures with friends and family.
Sale Price: $233.99
Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Watch with Heart Rate Monitor
Destined for grueling trail runs up thousands of vertical feet, mountain bike rides across formidable terrain, and swift pushes to the summit, the Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Watch with Heart Rate Monitor is designed for monitoring elevation changes in the mountains. As its name implies, the Ambit3 Vertical Watch features a built-in barometer that tracks atmospheric pressure, in turn providing accurate read-outs of total ascent and descent, as well as vertical speed. For greater accuracy of its elevation tracking, Suunto's proprietary FusedAlti uses GPS calibration to fine-tune the watch's altitude readings, ensuring you're armed with the most accurate elevation read-out. Customizable sport modes allow you to customize the watch display to the activity at hand, giving you useful modules for a multitude of alpine activities and high-intensity sports, such as running, cycling, and swimming. This particular version of the Ambit3 Vertical comes with a Suunto Smart Sensor Module and Belt (size medium), which is a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor that wirelessly feeds your heart rate data to the Ambit3 Vertical. This chest-based monitor gives you accurate heart rate data for tracking high-intensity workouts in the mountains, also working in pool and open water environments while you're swimming. The GPS receiver quickly locks onto satellites, providing the ability to track log and points of interest along your alpine route, as well as mitigate mistakes in the alpine with in-depth route planning, plus an attitudinal profile in real-time. The watch's trackback function gets you back to the trail head without worrying about missing a turn or getting lost in the dark. And not only does the build-in GPS receiver work for navigational purposes, but it's used to monitor your current speed and overall distance for higher accuracy. Seeing many users demand a compass and thermometer, the watch monitors the current temperature, as well as your direction for staying on track.
Sale Price: $363.30
Suunto Core Aluminum Altimeter Watch Suunto Core Aluminum Altimeter Watch
From high-altitude climbing expeditions to epic desert treks, count on the Suunto Core Aluminum Altimeter Watch to provide the information you need to navigate unforgiving landscapes. Whether you're recording gains in elevation, using the compass to follow a specific bearing, or reading the barometer's Weather Trend Indicator to make your own forecast, the Core will help ensure you're on the right track and on time. Incredibly, all of this and much more is contained in a sleek 2. 8-ounce design that sits comfortably on your wrist.
Sale Price: $300.30

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