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Marker Lord SP Ski Binding Marker Lord SP Ski Binding
Marker is the only manufacturer that makes a non-touring binding that accommodates AT and alpine boots safely: the Lord SP Ski Binding. The burly, made-for-ripping Triple Pivot Elite toe features a pin system that you adjust for AT or alpine boots. Finer adjustment is made with the AFD plate. Because some people don't like their touring bindings unless, well, they're touring. These designated downhill bindings are lighter than the AT bindings, and most time burlier for harder-charging descents. So when you can handle specialized bindings, rather than making a compromise when inbounds, you do.
Sale Price: $227.40
Marker Race Xcell 16 Ski Binding Marker Race Xcell 16 Ski Binding
Only racers know that chattery hang-on, holy-crap vibration of railing through rock-hard troughs on a slick, steep course, and they're glad they have the Marker Race Xcell 16 Ski Binding. New to the racing lineup, the Xcell 16 features the Xcell toe, with shock absorption so you don't pre-release in a high-speed rut, and a TwinCam X heel with increased boot contact and shock-absorption for increased power transmission. Magnesium parts keep it strong and lightweight. With a lower DIN range than the top-of-the-line Comp 20, the Xcell 16 is a tad more forgiving for elite U16 and emerging FIS-level racers, as well as dedicated Masters.
Sale Price: $161.40
Marker Race XCell 18 Ski Binding Marker Race XCell 18 Ski Binding
Hitting 70mph on injected ice requires nerves of steel, legs of iron, and a clamp that's as big and burly as the Marker Race XCCell 18 Ski Binding. XCell Piston technology in the toe makes sure your boot stays centered in the binding for increased control when you're mobbing down rough and rutted courses, and the Twincam X heel provides 16mm of elastic travel and has wider contact points for better retention and control. The toe has also been updated with five more degrees of access for easier step in, and the heel lever is active in both directions, so you don't need to be a sumo wrestler to get your skis on and off.
Sale Price: $174.50
Marker Schizo 14 Ski Binding Marker Schizo 14 Ski Binding
Buying park skis, pow skis, and all-mountain skis is a bummer, especially when today's best boards are so damn versatile. Marker's Schizo 14 Ski Binding saves you the extra purchases, though, with its one-of-a-kind Multi-Stance Adjuster, which lets you slide the binding forward and backward up to 30mm from center, so you can ski in the park with a centered stance, slide your clamps back when you're getting barreled, and keep them in the middle for all-mountain shredding. Just like that, your do-it-all skis can really do it all, and you'll be able so spend the money you saved on more mportant things like beer and mustache dye. Adjustability is the Schizo's calling card, but it's a bomber, safe, and reliable binding too. The Triple Pivot Elite Toe and Inter Pivot Heel provide a good amount of elastic travel, so you won't pre-release and can set your DIN lower, which can save your tibs, fibs, and knee ligs. The Gliding AFD plate ensures consistent lateral release, and the binding's wide footprint is designed to push power to the edges of wider skis, so you don't feel lost when you're pushing your big boards through the park or mobbing through choppy leftovers.
Sale Price: $186.45

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