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Backcountry Access DTS Rescue Package Backcountry Access DTS Rescue Package
Peanut, butter, and jelly. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Beacon, shovel, and probe--good things seem to come in threes, and Backcountry Access is hopping on the trifecta train with the DTS Rescue Package, which combines the legendary Tracker DTS avalanche beacon, Stealth 240 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel to make sure you're fully equipped when you head into the backcountry. The Tracker DTS beacon is a legend, due to its simplicity, durability, and reliability. Clear and intuitive direction and distance indicators take most of the guesswork out of searching, and the easy-to-use multiple-burial mode is a key--if hopefully never necessary--feature. The DTS automatically switches to transmit mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, just in case the searcher has been caught in a secondary slide, and the large buttons make it easy to operate with gloves on, giving you one less thing to worry about in an emergency. The shovel and probe are far simpler but no less important; after all, you need all three to successfully locate an avalanche victim. The B-1 EXT shovel is compact and lightweight,with an telescoping aluminum blade and ergonomic T-grip handle. BCA upgraded the Stealth 240 probe this season, making the depth markings easier to read and giving it a stronger tip that penetrates dense snow more easily. And with its Quick-Lock hardware, the Stealth stows better and deploys faster than any other probe out there. While having a full kit is infinitely better than relying on dumb luck, please remember that beacons, shovels, and probes are NOT a guarantee that you will survive an avalanche; get educated, learn how to use your tools, travel with trustworthy partners, and be smart out there.
Sale Price: $296.95
Backcountry Access Tracker 2 Avalanche Package Backcountry Access Tracker 2 Avalanche Package
The first essential when it comes to backcountry skiing and riding is education. The second' The Backcountry Access Tracker 2 Avalanche Package. This kit includes the Tracker 2 Beacon, B-1 EXT Shovel, and Stealth 270 Probe in one ready-to-go package, so you can get serious about backcountry safety and get to those untouched turns. The Tracker 2 is a classic, having built its reputation on an intuitive search interface and speedy signal recognition. Just pull the mechanical handle at the bottom of the beacon and you're ready to make use of the Tracker's 50-meter range, multiple-burial indicators, and super-clear distance-and-direction indicators. It's also slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the DTS, so you'll hardly notice you're wearing it. Keeping the Tracker 2 company are the B-1 EXT Shovel and Stealth 270 probe. The B-1 is compact and lightweight, with an telescopic aluminum blade and ergonomic T-grip handle. As you can probably tell by the name, the Stealth 270 Probe is all about sneaking up on the mountain before it even knows you're there, with 270cm of aluminum lightness and durability that sports depth markings and an Quick-Lock assembly so you don't waste time setting up when seconds become precious. While having a full kit is infinitely better than relying on dumb luck, please remember that beacons, shovels, and probes are NOT a guarantee that you will survive an avalanche; get educated, learn how to use your tools, travel with trustworthy partners, and be smart out there.
Sale Price: $341.95
Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package
Beacon, shovel, probe. Your dawn-patrol mantra. The holy trinity. However you think of it, Ortovox is looking out, helping to make your life easier and safer by offering all three backcountry essentials together in the 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package because, like stooges, they only really work when they're all together. The 3+ Avalanche Beacon, Beast Shovel, and 240 Light PFA Probe, combined with education, experience, and careful decision making, are the most important tools you can take with you into the backcountry. The grandaddy of the package is the 3+ Avalanche Beacon, a 3-antenna digital stud with a 40m range that runs on a single alkaline battery. It can search for and flag up to 3 burials, with an icon that indicates if there are 4 or more, and an intuitive circular display that shows distance and direction, complete with audio cues for easier searching. There's also a secondary avalanche switchover, which will switch back to transmit if it senses the beacon hasn't moved in 120 seconds, indicating the searcher has been buried in a secondary slide. In transmit mode, the 3+ will automatically send its signal from the antenna that's oriented at the most favorable angle, eliminating dead spots and signal traps that can drastically reduce the range of a transmitting beacon. A self-test occurs every time it switches on to ensure that it's in good working order, and Ortovox included a Recco reflector, so the 3+ still has limited transmit functionality even if it runs out of batteries. Once you've located a burial with your beacon, break out your 240 Light PFA Probe and assemble it using the quick and easy PFA tensioning system'one pull on the T-grip handle and the Dyneema cord snaps the probe into place, giving you 240mm of lightweight aluminum probing power. The 240 has an EVA foam grip to make assembly and search slip-free, and depth marks to help with snowpack analysis. You've established the location of the victim, so now it's time to dig. Grab the lig...
Sale Price: $335.96
Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package
Escape the holiday crowds and breathe in some fresh backcountry air when you utilize the Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package. Its included Zoom+ transceiver, 240 Economic Probe, Badger shovel, and Safety Academy guide book help ensure you have the proper safety tools in case of an avalanche. Along with this kit, we highly recommended that you take avalanche courses and train with your touring partners so you understand the dangers of the backcountry and know how to properly respond in a stressful avalanche situation. The included user-friendly, triple-antenna Zoom+ transceiver features Ortovox's patented Smart Antenna Technology which analyzes its position in an avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmission antenna. As a result, it almost doubles the range when you're in the worst coupling position, regardless of the beacon your partners are using to search for you. The Zoom+ also has a slimmed down design for ease of use. With only two buttons, faulty operation is virtually impossible. Once switched on, the user can switch between sending and searching modes using the safety switch. Further instructions are then displayed on the large LED screen which is easy to read even in poor visibility and at night. Distances, directional arrows, and information about several avalanche victims guide you in the fastest way to the refined search area, with the intuitive search acoustics making victims easier to locate. This sweet package also includes a lightweight aluminum Badger shovel with an ergonomic, hybrid grip for maximum power transmission. Designed with a sizable blade volume of 2. 5 liters, the Badger has a center ridge and high side walls for full rigidity while you dig out your victim or dig a pit. Non-slip grooves on the top edge of the blade provide adequate traction on your boots while a centering aid in the shaft socket facilitates rapid assembly. An included 240 Economic Probe helps you locate the avalanche victim beneath the snow onc...
Sale Price: $279.96
Pieps Pieps Set Micro Beacon Pieps Pieps Set Micro Beacon
Pieps Set Micro Beacon
Sale Price: $427.46
Pieps Pro Avalanche Safety Set Pieps Pro Avalanche Safety Set
No matter your experience in the backcountry, it's important to stay as safe as possible by bringing the right gear, and the right gear starts with the Pro Avalanche Safety Set from Pieps and Black Diamond. The Pieps DSP Pro Beacon features 3 antennas for maximum searching efficiency, since time really is of the essence. The aluminum blade of the Evac 7 Shovel cuts through snow with ease and helps you move large amounts of snow when you're digging out a friend or helping to shape a backcountry booter. Everyone knows that carbon fiber is awesome, which is exactly why this package comes with the Quickdraw Carbon 320 probe. Measurement markings on the probe come in handy for gauging snowpack depth and for use when digging avalanche pits as well.
Sale Price: $404.96
Pieps Sport Avalanche Safety Set Pieps Sport Avalanche Safety Set
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just taking your intro avy class, you're going to need the proper safety equipment for the backcountry. Get it all in one fell swoop with the Sport Avalanche Safety Set from Pieps. This package includes the Pieps DSP Sport Beacon which features 3 digital antennaes for excellent searching capabilities. With 3 Alkaline batteries you get 200 hours of life, so you don't have to worry about prematurely running out of juice. Next up in the package is the Transfer 3 Shovel featuring an aluminum blade that can move over 1 liter of snow per shoveling. Durable and lightweight, this shovel is perfect for building backcountry booters, snow walls, or, hopefully not often, digging out a buddy that needs your help. An aluminum shaft and T-grip handle offer ease of use that you'll love, especially in a high-stress situation. The included QuickDraw Tour 280cm probe features durable aluminum with measurement markings to make touring and taking readings as easy as possible. The upper cordlock is simple and secure, so it's one less thing you have to worry about as you search for your friend in a bit of a panic.
Sale Price: $299.96

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