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CycleOps Climbing Riser Block CycleOps Climbing Riser Block
The CycleOps Climbing Riser Block gives your old textbooks a break from propping up your front wheel and provides a stable platform for your winter trainer adventures. While one of the height options sets the front wheel relatively even with the rear, this trainer block gets its name from its two additional options to set the front wheel higher to simulate climbing angles. Climb the Pyrenees, tackle Empire Pass, and grind out your favorite grade all in the comfort of your living room. For even more options, two Climbing Riser Blocks can be stacked together for a total of nine different height settings to meet any of your indoor training needs. Made with injection molded construction, the Climbing Riser Block is super durable and will survive years of riding through your favorite movies or alongside some rockin' tunes.
Sale Price: $26.99
Kinetic Training Mat Kinetic Training Mat
When we're riding indoors the noise, the vibrations, and the pool of sweat on the floor are all signs of a good ride. The more the better, right' Of course, not everyone appreciates it like we do. Well-liked neighbors, landlords, and loved ones certainly deserve deference. It is for these people that the Kinetic by Kurt Trainer Mat is made. The mat is made from half-inch thick closed-cell foam. It's thick enough to indent but thin enough not to feel mushy. It's also a good thickness for masking floor imperfections. The finish is textured on top, smooth on the bottom. The bottom is better for sticking to floors while the top helps prevent that pooling sweat from rolling off. The top is also slightly absorbent, so dripped chain lube won't slide off. The Trainer Mat is also fairly big at 72in long by 36in wide. That's longer than your bike, plus the trainer. It rolls up to an 8in diameter to make storage easy.
Sale Price: $52.00

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