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K-Edge Go-Big Handlebar Mount K-Edge Go-Big Handlebar Mount
If you want to capture the raw thrills of driving a high-performance sports car, for the same reason you wouldn't simply duct-tape the camera to the hood, you wouldn't use plastic clip-on mounts to attach it to your bicycle. Granted, the mounts included with every GoPro camera do the job well enough, but let's be honest -- they lack a distinct level of polish, and on rough roads or trails, sometimes durability too. We need something simple, something elegant, something supremely durable, and more importantly, we need it to complement the bikes we plan on putting it on. K-Edge, the Idaho-based company best known for their excellent chain catchers, has designed a simple, secure, and exceptionally lightweight mounting option in the Go-Big Handlebar Mount. This low-profile mount attaches your camera directly to the oversized, 31. 8mm clamping portion on your handlebars, requiring minimal effort but giving you maximum security. Take your GoPro on the roughest, sketchiest trails you can find -- this durable CNC-machined mount won't be breaking before your bike. The Go-Big Handlebar Mount differs slightly from the Pro Handlebar Mount, only in that your angle options are slightly limited without the elongated 'boom' style mount found on the Pro. The mount is also significantly closer to your bars, increasing stability and eliminating potential camera shake. But both mounts otherwise provide excellent and bomb-proof mounting to your bars for perfectly capturing dodgy singletrack or your fastest Strava descents. If you're concerned about adding excess weight to your bike, this standard bar mount weighs a full 35 grams less than the Pro version. The Go-Big Handlebar Mount is made in Boise, Idaho from CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum. It fits all 31. 8mm bars, and includes all of the mounting hardware -- you'll only need an allen key. All told, the mount only adds 11 grams to your rig (in addition to the camera), and should you manage to somehow break it, K-Edge backs all their...
Sale Price: $23.99

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