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Brunton Pocket Transit Conventional Compass Brunton Pocket Transit Conventional Compass
The Brunton Pocket Transit Conventional Compass features a traditional design with Alnico II magnets for quick return to magnetic north, as well as V-cut sapphire jewel bearing for smooth movement. Die-cast aluminum ensures durability in the field, should you accidentally drop this compass on the ground. The precision aligned mirror features a convenient see-through sight. Both short and long sights increase accuracy when you're sighting the azimuth or vertical angles. Speaking of vertical angles, it measures +/- 90 (100% grade). Magnetic declination adjustment changes east or west settings +/- 180, ensuring accuracy when you're traveling to different regions. The ball and socket tripod mount enhances its field capabilities. It comes with a leather case for protective storage and travel. Please note, it's available in either a 0 to 360 azimuth scale or 0 to 90 quadrants.
Sale Price: $351.99
Silva Education Kit Silva Education Kit
Whether you're teaching orienteering skills deep in the wilderness or your own backyard, the Silva Education Kit provides everything needed, besides an appropriate topographic map, for a single instructor and 24 students to navigate solely with a compass and map. This portable compass clinic comes in a rugged carrying case for safe transport. Silva Polaris compasses, compass instructions, and "Read This, or Get Lost" brochures are provided for 24 pupils. Each Polaris compass features a rotating bezel for locking in your bearing, with a declination scale for adjusting between magnetic and true (geodetic) north. There's also inch and millimeter rulers, with a scale that corresponds to common 1:24,000 topographic maps. The instructor receives a Silva Explorer compass that's similar to the Polaris compass, except it features a built-in magnifier for reading map details, as well as a 1/10-mile scale for both 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 topographic maps. As with the Polaris compass, there's an inch ruler. An attached lanyard makes for easy carrying around your neck. Moreover, the instructor receives a "Teaching Orienteering" guide, as well as a "Be Expert with Map & Compass" paperback.
Sale Price: $214.47
Silva Ranger CL Compass Silva Ranger CL Compass
You've just run out of excuses for being lost. The Silva Ranger CL Compass allows you to navigate any terrain precisely at night or during the day.
Sale Price: $42.92
Suunto Arrow 6 Compass Suunto Arrow 6 Compass
Boasting an uncomplicated design, the Suunto Arrow 6 Compass offers a speedy and dependable reading with its rotating capsule and high-speed needle. And thanks to its no-frills construction, the Arrow 6 is ideal for competitive orienteers or minimalist hikers who desire a quick response time and clutter-free environment. This compass is balanced for the northern hemisphere and features a hook-and-loop thumb strap that accommodates a variety of thumb sizes.
Sale Price: $55.94
Suunto MC-2G Navigator Global Compass Suunto MC-2G Navigator Global Compass
The Suunto MC-2G Navigator Compass features a patented global needle that functions flawlessly anywhere in the world. It includes a large mirror, additional sighting hole, luminous bezel ring, and baseplate with magnifying lens, all to increase accuracy. But the crown jewel of the MC-2G is a patented Global Needle that works anywhere on the globe. This truly unique feature is why the MC-2G is standard issue for Military Special Forces.
Sale Price: $83.94
Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass
The Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass is an ergonomically designed, multi-purpose, mirror compass that combines precision with practicality. Mirror compasses are an invaluable tool for those who depend on accurate and reliable directional measurements. Suunto engineered the MCB Compass so that the mirror and sighting notch are quick, easy, and accurate to use. The declination-adjustment system is especially useful when working in areas of large magnetic variation, making the MCB Compass a great choice for for use in either the northern or the southern hemisphere.
Sale Price: $25.60

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