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Astral Ronny Fisher Personal Flotation Device Astral Ronny Fisher Personal Flotation Device
Astral designed the Ronny Fisher Personal Flotation Device specifically for kayak fishing so you can relax in the rivers with a fishing rod every once in a while. The vest's Thin-Vent back panel incorporates a super thin foam that's evenly distributed across your back to accommodate the tall seatbacks found on most standard fishing kayaks, and the foam offers maximum ventilation to bring the breathability you want in warmer weather. Astral built Ronny Fisher's shell out of 500D Cordura with 1050D Ballistic reinforcements in high-wear zones to reduce abrasion-resistance and to stand strong against the river life as well as sharp hooks. The ultralight and recyclable PE-foam offers 16 pounds of buoyancy in case your catch pulls you in. Similar to all of Astral's PFDs, the Ronny Fisher sports a unisex design that wraps your torso with large openings to provide a natural and unrestricted range of motion. Astral sized the two flip-down pockets to fit 6. 5 x 4. 25in tackle boxes perfectly; the tool organizer features mesh sleeves, elastic closures, and key loops that store Zingers, clippers, pocket knifes, and more for your convenience. In front of the flip-down pockets, additional zippered pockets store your valuables like a smartphone, wallet, and fishing license. The Ronny Fisher also features a stowaway hood at the collar for unexpected rainstorms, and a zippered beverage pocket that fits a can of beer (or can of any kind) perfectly.
Extrasport Eagle Personal Flotation Device Extrasport Eagle Personal Flotation Device
Fancy a day spent fishing from your sit-on-top angler kayak' Since you already have the necessary tags and permits, why risk incurring the wrath of the DWR officer by not wearing your Extrasport Eagle Personal Floatation Device. Designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind, this lightweight PFD has wide armholes for free-range casting and ample adjustments for a finely-tuned fit. Glide Fit foam construction ensures a personal fit and easy paddling, so you can find the fish's favorite hiding spot without too much physical agony. Find fishing offensive' The Eagle lets you soar over slow-moving lakes and rivers for years on end. A Type III vest, the Eagle stands ready to keep your head above water if you stretch a little far overboard in your efforts to net your catch. The 200D ripstop nylon should survive more than a few seasons of intense weekend paddling. Glide Fit technology uses two different sized pieces of foam to provide buoyancy, but tweaks the pieces for maximum comfort. A larger piece of foam wraps lies closest to your body and conforms to the shape of your chest. A smaller piece of foam takes the outer side, and is wrapped in a patented sleeve to help the foam pieces slip n' slide over each other. When you're not fighting the floaty stuff, paddling becomes entirely pleasurable. The Baja Back makes sitting in your kayak seat sweet by using a skinny piece of foam at the bottom of your back. The front zip entry keeps the PFD on your body and two front buckles keep the vest close to your chest. Adjustable shoulder straps reduces the chances the vest will cramp your casting style, while the mesh below lets your shoulders breath. Two oversize front pockets on this Extrasport PFD provide easy access to sunscreen and angling accoutrement.
Sale Price: $40.50
Kokatat Bahia Predator Personal Flotation Device Kokatat Bahia Predator Personal Flotation Device
Designed for kayak fishing, the Kokatat Bahia Predator Personal Floatation Device makes it immediately clear why it's the go-to for professional kayak anglers. A durable 500-denier Cordura fabric wraps the GAIA PVC-free foam for a construction that holds up against day after day of hard-wearing use. With room for all of your fishing necessities, this PFD's thermo-formed main pocket is spacious enough for a small tackle box, and opens up as a mini work platform for lures, leads, and scissor, while the second front duplex pocket houses your wallet, keys, and phone. Kokatat put comfort at the forefront of this design by featuring a high-back design to meet the high seat backs found in most fishing kayaks.
Mustang Survival Accel100 Fishing Vest Mustang Survival Accel100 Fishing Vest
Designed for professional anglers exploring open bays and extensive river systems, the Mustang Survival Accel100 Fishing Vest provides high levels of buoyancy and maximum comfort. Segmented AirSoft foam maximizes flexibility for less restriction when you're casting and rigging up equipment on your boat. 500D cordura fabric withstands abrasion for outstanding durability throughout the fishing season. The fleece-lined collar won't scratch or irritate sensitive skin, also providing a touch of insulation on brisk mornings. Fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets handily store snacks and small accessories, also serving to warm frozen fingers during chilly conditions.
Sale Price: $76.46
NRS Chinook Personal Flotation Device NRS Chinook Personal Flotation Device
When you're floating Alaskan rivers in pursuit of big silvers and steelhead, make sure you strap on the NRS Chinook Personal Flotation Device before heading out on the water. The angler-specific design features multiple pockets and attachment points so you can keep your fly boxes, nippers, and pliers close at hand. Plus, eight adjustment points allow you to tailor the vest for a perfect fit.
Stohlquist Keeper Personal Flotation Device Stohlquist Keeper Personal Flotation Device
Stohlquist's Keeper Personal Flotation Device combines soft-and-safe buoyancy with fishing-friendly organization for days on the kayak. Its Wrapture torso works with the cross-chest cinch harness to comfortably accommodate tall seats and chairs on most fishing kayaks, and there are eight points of adjustment to ensure a customized, secure fit. Stohlquist perforated the buoyancy foam for circulated airflow. The Keeper's fishing-friendly organization includes zippered storage for large fly boxes, expandable neoprene pockets for small accessories, and handwarmers in front of the front gear pockets.

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